Principal's Message

Locust School is a place where students are given the opportunity to learn and grow to their maximum potential.  We work hard to provide a safe nurturing environment while focusing on academic excellence.  One of our many objectives is to bring together faculty, students, parents, and members of our community to enhance the quality of education and continue our academic achievements and success.  We are proud of our student’s accomplishments and will continue providing excellent instruction.  We ask our students to continue to work diligently in order to prepare for a bright future.  In order to accomplish this, students must learn to read and understand a variety of topics.  Students need to understand the fundamentals of writing and incorporate it into their everyday lives. Understanding math, science, and social studies and being able to apply them is critical to developing skills needed to be successful as a student and life in general.  Today’s students must become independent creative thinkers and in partnering with our families and community we will work to help make this a reality.  At Locust Elementary School we help create bright minds for the future.       

Devron Furr 

Locust Elementary Principal